Our Purpose is to Bring Artists Together to Establish an Organized Network of Talented Individuals in Order to Grow & Support Creative Objectives by Providing a Platform, Information & Resources to our Members, Artists and their Communities.



Integrity  |  Knowledge  |  Initiative  |  Artistry  |  Respect  |  Honor  |  Unity

  • A Continual Growing Local & Nationwide Network of Artists & Creatives Including but not Limited to; Recording Artists, Videographers, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Social Media Marketers, Influencers, DJs, Producers, Audio Engineers, Studio Owners, Promoters, Industry Professionals, Models, Artists, Musicians, Marketing Professionals, Clothing Designers, Actors and Many More!

  • Exclusive Member to Member Advantages such as Service Discounts & Collaboration Opportunities. 

  • Exclusive Future Privileges to Access Member facilities & Resources to Enhance your Creativity & Artist Career, as a Thank You Gift for your Long Term Support.

  • The Opportunity to Empower Yourself, Other Creatives & Take Part in Initiatives to Support Local Communities & Aspiring Youth.

  • Educational Presentations from Guest Speakers Sharing Knowledge from Personal & Professional Experience on Many Topics, Including but not Limited to; Business, Contracts, Distribution, Marketing, Branding, Artistry, Scaling, Time Management, Financial Literacy, Credit, Professional Development & Other Needed Programs.

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Austin Artist Roundtable is a Non-Profit 501(c)7 Social Club Founded in March of 2020.

Board of Directors:

- David Key (President) 

- Arron Knox (Vice President/Treasurer) 

- Dayla Wittie (Secretary)

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The Founders chose the Image of the Roundtable to Symbolize the Unification of Artists & Creatives.

The Seven Swords in the Center of the Roundtable Represent our Seven Values.

Each Sword is Unique, a Display of how when our own Individual Uniqueness, Strengths & Weaknesses are Forged Together, we Become Stronger!

Our Creed: Words Speak. Actions Teach.

Was Adopted in the Belief that so many can "Talk a Good Game" Whether They Have the Intention to Follow Through or Not.

However, Who Really Leads by Example & Takes Action Behind Their Words?

Austin Artist Roundtable Crest


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